We Tested Them: The Best Sheets For the Best Price

Find Out Which Sheets Win the Day (and Night)

A few years ago, it hit me– I realized I slept better when I was staying at a hotel than I did in my own bed. I discovered I owed my good night’s sleep to the quality of the linens…their softness, crispness, and coolness.

So why wait for a hotel stay? For something as critical as sleep, don’t we owe it to ourselves to indulge in great bedding EVERY NIGHT? 

I decided to begin a quest for luxury sheets at an affordable price.  I wanted the best bed linens I could find and was willing to try many…

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Two and a half years later, I pretty much have tried them all. From elegant sheets like Sferra, Frette, and Serena & Lily to several others that sounded good and looked pretty…the biggest take away I discovered is: you don’t need to spend a lot of money if you know how to shop.

You Don’t Need to Spend a Ton of Money

I learned that I could get some great sheets at really good prices. It turned out, after all that trial and error, that my absolute favorite set of sheets–soft, breathable and wrinkle-free –was actually the least expensive. Feel free to click the link to see them here…or, spoiler alert, just know that I saved the best for last.


Laura Ashley Home 

Laura Ashley Home puts out a great product. This blue and white floral set is one of my favorites. I love the design and the comfort of these wrinkle-resistant sheets. They’re made with cotton sateen which I love. Sateen gives them a shiny, sheeny, drape-like texture. They’re smooth and cool, and at $59.99 for a queen size, reasonably priced.

Caveat: If you tend to get warm when you sleep, these “sateen” sheets may not be for you since they’re more tightly woven and less breathable than other fabrics.


Sferra Hotel Collection 

The Sferra Grande Hotel set is a high-quality, albeit pricey ($345), set of sheets but you’ll be thrilled with their durability. They will maintain that beautiful hotel look even after 50 times through the washer and dryer! Sferra is an Italian company that has been in business for more than 150 years. These sheets are made with 100% long-stable cotton and they’re embroidered with satin thread piping. Very elegant.

Caveat: Expensive


Gorgeous herringbone pattern in gray

Tip: For an extra elegant boost, consider this Sferra gray throw blanket draped across the bottom of your bed.

Malange Home Percale 

I bought these sheets by Malange Home because they are SO pretty and, at less than $100 a set, they seemed to be a decent buy. I loved the detail of the navy blue piping. However, the quality of these sheets was not quite as I had anticipated. While they are super pretty, and boasted a 300 thread-count, the material is not as soft as I had hoped and they wrinkled badly.

CAVEAT: Lots (and lots) of ironing.


Pure Parima 

I love the design and the softness of these sheets by Pure Parima. Though they’re on the more expensive side ($220 for a King set) they are luxurious feeling and will keep you cool and dry all night. They boast a moisture-wicking technology that helps regulate your temperature all night long keeping you sleeping soundly. Imagine no longer having to iron a duvet and yet it’s still hotel-style smooth right out of the dryer!

Caveat: None



These microfiber sheets are amazing! I found them here on Amazon after trying many, many different kinds. I am so impressed by the texture of the microfiber fabric, the quality of the stitching and — most importantly — how great they will make you feel all night. Like the set above, they’re made with moisture-wicking technology to help keep you cool….and they also are a breeze to wash and dry. Imagine taking these sheets (and the duvet and the shams) out of the dryer and putting them right on the bed with no ironing necessary! 

At just $33 for the set you can’t go wrong. I liked them so much, I got them in every color, with the matching duvets and the shams, for every bedroom in our house! I’m a big fan of bargains and these sheets are well worth the money.



If you’re looking for more great buys, check out my article Coastal Decor for Less

Log in below to tell me about your favorite sheet brands. Happy Sleeping!

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