A Blush So Good It Will Make You Totally Blush

There’s nothing that screams youth and joie de vivre quite like naturally pink cheeks.

My grandmother knew this secret. It’s the reason why, when I was only a toddler, she’d pull out her pot of “rouge” as she called it and would add a little pink to my cheeks. Her handiwork was “just enough” to give me that “glow” she would tell me.

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And she was right.

That little pop of color is about all a girl needs to look healthy, awake and engaged- no matter how late she was up the night before.

These days, it doesn’t quite come in a “pot” but there are a few other outstanding pigmentation options to help you achieve a natural and healthy looking color.

Here’s a look at my absolute favorites:

Too Faced Bloom Lip and Cheek Tint 

I love this light and sheer product! It glides easily onto your cheeks or lips thanks to its well-sized wand. The peach color, for my complexion, is perfect. It also comes in grape pop and guava glow. My only complaint is that I wish there was more product in the container, since I use it so frequently.

Where to buy: $24.99 available through Amazon.

Benetint Cheek and Lip Tint by Benefit

I’ve been using this product for years and love its natural looking pigmentation! It really does mirror the natural color of lips with its rosy tint. It’s a liquid rather than a gel or paste, and glides on smoothly with its small brush. It’s one of my favorite products from the Benefit line. If you’re looking for a natural boost, this is it.

Where to buy: Full-size is $39 and available on Amazon.

Wander Beauty Double Date Lip and Cheek

This is another smartly designed cheek/lip duo. Available in several different colors, Wander Beauty’s Double Date is vegan, sheer, and its subtle tint is “just enough” in terms of creating a natural pigmentation.

Where to buy: $22.00 on Amazon.

Happy Rouging! Let me know if there are any other great finds — log in to comment below.




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