Retirement: The Best Decision I Ever Made

Are you thinking of retiring but can’t quite make the decision?

I get it. I’ve been there.

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As I considered retirement, I wondered… after such an active life, will I be bored?

More importantly (and quite practically) I wondered if I would be financially comfortable? Would I be able to live the life I was used to?

Meanwhile, there was also this question—and it’s one we all consider: would people look at me differently?

This is the flood of emotions we older people experience when thinking about making such a monumental and life-altering decision.

What I have found is that retirement is very much an individual choice. After all, what works for one may not work for another. But for me?

It was the right move.

I get to spend more time with my grandkids.

I get to sit on the terrace and watch the deer feed on my lawn that I now have time to manicure. See photo below.

My lawn has some visitors…

I get to read the books that I’ve been putting off for months.

I get to visit family and friends more frequently than when I was working.

I get to choose when (and if!) I get a haircut, not having to rely on the crowded shop on weekends.

I get to clean the garage, plant a garden, or just walk the beach without time constraints.

I get to watch the late evening news without fearing what I will feel like when morning comes.

I get to travel a bit without having to confine my trips to a certain 2 or 3-week period each year.

I get to hang my suits in the closet…and live in jeans and deck shoes.

I get to live my life to its fullest.

For me, retirement really is… FREEDOM. 

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