Simple Tips to Decorate with Antiques

As a child, I spent a lot of time antique shopping with my parents along the coast of Maine. A seven-year-old certainly doesn’t appreciate the time spent carefully searching for perfect historic pieces. But today…I love it. I use antiques throughout our old Mystic home always mindful to appropriately blend the old with the new. Not everyone loves antiques but, for those who do, here are a few simple tips to make your home unique…

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Find a Few Good Shops

Most communities have antique stores and shops. Developing a relationship with the owner can be very helpful. She or he can be on the lookout for your desired piece and notify you.

Careful Placement

You don’t want to overwhelm a room with antiques. It can potentially appear overdone and dowdy. Sometimes less is more depending on the type and size of the antique.

Antique ladderback accent chair

Make a Statement

Statement pieces can create a wow-factor. An armoire, hutch, or console table can add to the ambiance of a room.

Antique gaming table makes a statement

Mix the Old with the New

Combining antiques with new pieces can make a statement. An antique dining table with new chairs creates a nice effect.

Antique table made from a church door in Newburyport, MA. Paired with new Restoration Hardware dining chairs.

Group Objects Together

Grouping smaller objects together, like old stoneware jugs, can add to your décor without overwhelming the space.

Antique bench paired with stoneware jugs

Old Books 

Antiques don’t have to be only furniture. Visit a local yard sale or book sale to load up on hardcover books. They create a beautiful decorative element and some good reading!




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