Valentine’s Jewelry Gifts to Make you Shine!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and for many men & women the pressure is on to find a romantic gift for your significant other.  Jewelry always seems to be at the top of the list as a gift for this occasion. I am creative in many areas but, for some reason, not with selecting presents, especially jewelry. There are so many types, styles and brands that it can be overwhelming.

I am a traditionalist and like jewelry pieces that are elegant and classic while not being too ostentatious. Fortunately for me, Cait has very similar taste. Though this helps in my search for the perfect Valentine’s gift it still leaves a wide berth for error- selecting something she will not wear.

I would highly recommend you take some time to study what your significant other likes by noting the type and style of jewelry they currently wear. For example, Cait likes hoop earrings for social occasions and smaller ones for business interactions.

Through my struggles to find creative jewelry gifts, I discovered that Cait really likes a particular brand of jewelry, Swarovski. The Swarovski line is made up of elegant and beautiful items and, fortunately, is readily available online and in jewelry stores. Swarovski can also be found on Amazon.  The prices are extremely reasonable for a quality product that will be sure to impress your Valentine.

I have spent most of my life on or near the ocean, captaining boats and traveling the New England coast. This has given me an affection for all things nautical, including nautical jewelry. Swarovski has an excellent selection of sailing and ocean themed items that are priced as low as $50 to $200+.

Pictured below are Cait and me last summer at the Ocean House Watch Hill, Rhode Island. She is wearing a Swarovski stranded necklace I purchased for her last Valentine’s Day. She loves this dangling necklace as she can wear it if she is dressed up or down.

Cait & me at The Ocean House Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Not all of my purchases for Cait are from Swarovski but this information certainly does make my Valentine’s Day shopping much easier.  I hope it does the same for you!


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