The Vitamins That Can Help You Nail Your Diet

Calories in. Calories out. That’s the bottom line when it comes to dieting, right? Sure, you can try fad diets all day long (I have) but, ultimately, the diet that fundamentally works is “will power.” That means, our willingness to say “no” when it comes to that amazing piece of chocolate cake.

But, did you know there’s something than can actually help us a bit with that will power…at least from an overall health point of view? I mean, hey, when I’m stuck refusing that amazing piece of chocolate cake, blueberry pie, or brownie a la mode, I figure I can use every little bit of help I can get, right?

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For that, I turn to my vitamins.

There’s something about ingesting my vitamin D and B and, yes, C…that just makes me more conscience of the foods I’m eating. Taking a multi-vitamin in the morning literally reminds me to look out for myself and my diet all day long.

I work hard to maintain my weight through diet and exercise but I’m convinced I couldn’t do it without the added benefit of my multi-vitamins and other vitamin boosts I get along the way.

After all, a girl can’t live on broccoli alone! Here are some of the things I like to reach for in the morning — and at night.

Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Calcium Hacks

Nothing beats a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice in the morning. If I’m about to drink sugar in my life…you had better believe it will be real, it will be fresh…and it will be first thing in the morning!


If it’s not my collagen-infused concoction (another tasty natural option) — it’s my fresh squeezed juice that I drink each morning. I make it fresh with my own juicer. It’s the only way. I used to think this was such a luxury but, came to realize it’s one of those very affordable things we can do for ourselves to help ourselves feel great. I use the Breville juicer which costs $150 but, given that I easily get a glass a fresh juice each morning with very little manpower involved, I figured it’s well worth the splurge!

In addition to my fresh-squeezed orange juice, I make sure to take a well-balanced multi vitamin every morning. Really, this is one of those things that’s super easy to do and, is can just become a regular part of your morning routine.

2. A Daily Multi-Vitamin is My Secret Weapon

There’s something about knowing I’ve had a good portion of my vitamins for the day before 7:30am that just helps me face the rest of the day…and the rest of my dieting efforts! I love to try out different multi-vitamins because I’m always looking for an extra edge, but, right now I’ve been impressed by the benefits of Eldenberry. Viva Naturals makes an elderberry + vitamin C +zinc (love zinc, especially in the summer directly applied on my skin!) that is pretty impressive in its ability to deliver a variety of essential vitamins.


3. Extra Vitamin D and Calcium is a Must

The other must-have vitamin essential is Vitamin D. I think this is too often overlooked and, given the importance of needing a strong immune system during Covid, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to expose yourself to as many sources of vitamin D as possible.

Nature’s Bounty makes a great Vitamin D so, I’d encourage you to give that a try…

but, don’t forget to take your calcium with it! Every night at dinner, I drink a glass of almond milk, fortified with Vitamin D. If you’re not a almond milk fan (or if you’re allergic to nuts) the regular kind works too. Just remember, your body needs the calcium to absorb the vitamin D.

Do you have any vitamin tips for staying healthy while dieting? If so, please share with all us below!

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