Fun Rainy Day Crafts for You and Your Child

Warmer weather is finally here! Shaking off their winter coats, children are thrilled to get outside and enjoy the springtime fresh air. But, periodically, we get those rainy days where indoor activities are necessary. As a former teacher, I understand the need to keep little ones busy on days like these! Instead of turning to the iPad, here is a list of crafts you and your child can do together that will give you a joint sense of accomplishment…

Child and Adult Coloring

There’s no doubt that coloring is therapeutic. There’s something about choosing a color and carefully filling in the shapes while staying within the lines. Adult coloring books have grown in popularity in recent years. Check out these adult and child books to create beautiful images. But try not to argue over refrigerator space to hang your creations!

Decoupage Shells

Decoupage shell made for me by local artist, and good friend, Anna Troiano

A current popular craft is the Decoupage Seashell. In Mystic, they are sold in many stores and can range from jewelry holders to necklaces. The word “decoupage” means the art of decorating objects with paper. The objects can include boxes, shells or anything made with wood, metal or glass. For this craft, we will use scallop shells because, at Mystical Living, we love anything nautical!

What you will need:

Scallop Shells

Decoupage Glue or Mod Podge Sealer, Glue and Finish

Gold Paint and White Acrylic Paint

Decorative tissue paper (or cocktail napkin) with a design of your choice

2 Paint Brushes (one soft bristle and one small detail brush)


Cover your work area to protect it from the glue. Wash and dry your seashells. Paint the inside of the shells white to remove any dark spots (this is especially necessary if applying a light design). After the paint is dry, cut the top layer of the tissue paper, or cocktail napkin, to fit inside the shell (this is an approximate cut and should be slightly bigger than the shell itself). Paint the inside of the shell with the decoupage glue and gently press the tissue, or napkin, into the shell (design side up). Once inside, use your finger to smooth any wrinkles or bubbles. Use the soft bristle brush to coat a thick layer of glue over the surface of the tissue or napkin. Carefully remove the excess paper from the shell by gently pulling down from the sharp edge (because the tissue or napkin is thin and wet, it should come off easily). Let sit overnight. Using your small detail brush, apply gold paint to the edge of your shell, creating a border. Let dry. You can also paint the entire backside of the shell gold if you choose. Enjoy!

Bath Bombs

Many children hate to take baths. I was certainly one of them! But making a bath bomb with your child will make bath time exciting and fun!

What you will need:

Bath Bomb Mold

Essential Oils

Almond Oil

Baking Soda

Epsom Salt


Color Pigment

Citric Acid


Mix dry ingredients in a mixing bowl (this includes: baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch, and color pigment). Mix wet ingredients in a separate cup (this includes: citric acid, almond oil, and essential oil). Please note: the color pigment is based on your preference along with the type of essential oil (if you’re using lavender oil, you may want to use lavender pigment). Slowly mix the wet mixture with the dry mixture, adding a few drops at a time. Note: the citric acid is what gives the bomb the fizz when dropped in the tub water. Slowly combining your ingredients will allow you to make a ball and add to the mold. Overfill each side of the mold and then firmly press together. Let dry for 24 hours. Enjoy!


Origami originated in Japanese culture as the art of folding paper into objects. Growing up, this was a favorite pastime of mine after reading the beautiful book, “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” by Eleanor Coerr.

What you will need:

Origami Paper

Instruction Book

Decorating Clay Pots

Spring is the perfect time of year to create personalized flower pots. The possibilities are endless and centered on you and your child’s preferences and desired look. You can decoupage a design, paint, glue objects, and add ribbons or twine to your pots.

What you will need:

Flower Pots

Decorative items of your choice

Paint or Glue

Ribbons and twine

Have fun and enjoy the rain!


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