The World’s Top 3 Exclusive Luxury Airliners

Who doesn’t love traveling in luxury? Our top three luxury airlines will cater to your every need while you journey through the air. Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for business, these incredible experiences will make sure you are super comfortable, entertained, and well-fed. 

Swiss Airlines 

Swiss Air’s individual “armchair” cabin courtesy of

This airline is known for its ambiance. Swiss Airlines uses warm oak wood colors and black plaid for the seats which looks very cozy…and very Swiss. First-class has a great amount of leg room and it offers great privacy through its individual suites. The food is amazing. And the airline’s newest first-class looks clean and fresh.

Wonderful swiss food served in your armchair cabin. Courtesy of

The airport lounge is styled a lot like the first-class seating with lots of oak wood colors. The menu at the lounge has a variety of great Swiss foods including cheese, champagne, and freshly brewed coffee. And, when it’s time for bedtime, your seat will be made into a luxurious flat bed with quality linens. It will feel like home…or, maybe even better! 

Delta Airlines 

Delta is a great, dependable airline with wonderful customer service. For long-haul trips, Delta’s first-class service (known as Delta One) is unrivaled by any other domestic airline. The entertainment on board is great with plenty of movies. The food? Truly first class.

A Delta One cabin – courtesy of

Bonus tip: you’ll have plenty of storage. I recommend booking Delta One on coast-to-coast trips…and for sure, any overnight flights.  Delta One’s suite’s color is red, blue, and black (and includes a door to the suite that can be shut!) The lounge is casual and has plenty of snacks and sometimes a buffet. 

Emirates Executive 

Nightime on Emirates Executive Private Jet
Courtesy of

We saved the best for last. Emirates Executive takes travel to a whole new level of luxury. The Executive jets are the airline’s newest line of private jets …they come complete with showers, a spa, and even a separate powder room.

An Emirates Executive Cabin, courtesy of

There are 10 Suites on the jet board — and plenty of sofas and chairs that can be made into beds. Fine dining is one of the airlines’ calling cards and there’s an incredible selection to choose from on the menu. Dom Perignon champagne and caviar? Emirates has it all.

Plus, if you’re traveling with a large party, the cabin crew can even make special seating arrangements.

Interior Cabin of Private Jet. Courtesy of

Depending on where you’re going, prices will differ. But, do expect to play plenty. 

Enjoy your travels!                  


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