Inside the Extraordinary Rooms on Disney’s Newest Cruise “Wish”

Disney’s newest cruiseliner–the Disney “Wish”–is debuting next month and some of its rooms are beyond anything we’ve seen from Disney.

Disney is one of our favorite cruise lines. It’s (of course) family-friendly, highly dependable, and luxurious. Disney’s outstanding cruise entertainment is its calling card. (We should mention that the entertainment is all Disney inspired so, if you’re not a Disney fan, this cruise may not be for you.) If you love Elsa and Cinderella, you’ll be in heaven.

It’s hard to go wrong on Disney’s Wish… all the ship’s rooms are brand new. The staterooms seemed to have been inspired by Cinderella…with plenty of pale blue and magical white and gold decor. Here are some of our favorites:

Deluxe Family Verandah Stateroom

Disney Family Verandah Courtesy:

The deluxe family verandah stateroom comes with a balcony, a king-sized bed with white linens, and two wall lamps by the bed for late night reading. There are bunk beds and a murphy bed. Next to the bed is a vanity with a seat and mirror – complete with storage for makeup. There are several charging outlets which come in handy. There’s also a split bathroom (which means the bathtub and sink are in one room and the toilet is in another.) The bathroom is sophisicated with its white tiles and comes with plenty of bathroom soaps, body washes, and shampoo.

Family Verandah Bathroom Courtesy:

Another detail that ads to privacy in these rooms — there’s a curtain from the living room to the bedroom which help make it feel a little more like two rooms. And, of course, it comes with a verandah!

Family Verandah Suite, Courtesy:

One-Story Conciege Suite


If you’re looking for total luxury, we recommend you secure a concierge suite. The one-story concierge suite is quite grand. It’s color scheme is white with punctuations of light blue. There is a mini-kitchen, pantry and wet bar, a white marble dining room table, two bedrooms with walk-in closets, and three full bathrooms.

Concierge suites are one story and come with a private whirlpool on the verandah. The color scheme is a soothing white, blue and gold and makes the room feel quite open and royale.

One Story Concierge Suite Courtesy:

The beds have blue pillows and white linens. There’s a white chair with a footrest and gold pillows in the corner of the room. Next to it is a desk with a white chair, mirror and lamp. The ceiling is adorned by a crystal chandelier.  Disney’s concierge suites sleep 6 guests.



Wish Tower Suite

Tower Suite Living Room Courtesy:

If money is no object, then this Wish Tower Suite is the suite for you.

The Wish Tower Suite is two floors and primely situated in the funnel of the boat. It sleeps 8 guests and features two main bedrooms, plus a children’s room and a library. 


The library sofa can also convert into a bed.


There’s a living room, and a pantry with a dishwasher and refrigerator. The bathrooms feature a stunning French bathtub and marble walk-in shower. This is the best suite on the Disney Wish and the pictures tell you all you need to know. 


You can learn more and even book a cruise here: at Disney Cruise.


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