The Best New Way to Shop For Clothes

“I’m going to the mall to go shopping.” 

Remember saying these words? It seems like a lifetime ago and I cannot remember the last time I entered a mall…

In today’s chaotic world we have increasingly less time to drive to the shops and try on that dress we’ve been eyeing. Not to mention the pandemic has played a major role in deterring consumers from entering indoor stores with many closing its doors for good.

But we still need to purchase clothing to look our best. Whether we’re physically going into the office, or continuing to work from home through Zoom, buying great articles of clothing will forever be essential. And don’t forget those virtual happy hours!

So what do we do? 

If you’re like me, you buy almost everything through Amazon. My husband, Chris, shakes his head when he sees the boxes pile up at the door. From pillow covers and sheets to home accessories, I am constantly on my app to obtain necessities for every facet of our lives.

So why not clothes? 

I already purchase small essentials like socks and t-shirts for Chris. But I recently learned that Amazon has a program called Prime Wardrobe which allows customers to “try before you buy.”

Prime Wardrobe, Try Before You Buy

We get to chose from a myriad of great brands and items from apparel to jewelry. I love Lilly Pulitzer dresses during the summer months. Prime Wardrobe offers a beautiful variety of these dresses at competitive prices.

Other perks:

  • Chose up to 8 items to try on in the privacy of your own home
  • Return the items for free within 7 days
  • Only pay for what you decide to keep

As our shopping style continues to move in the online direction, give Prime Wardrobe a try!

Happy shopping!!

Me, wearing my favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress, with Chris

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