How To Get Hair You Want (No Matter How Curly It Really Is!)

Ok, I’ll just admit it. My hair, if left to its own devices, would look a little like Sweet Pea’s! (And, she’s got some curls!)

I mention this because you need to understand the complexity of what I’m up against.

I’ve tried it all. From hair straightener products, to Brazilian blowouts, to expensive Keratin treatments…nothing worked. I would blow-dry, straighten and pray for non-humid weather.

The Revolutionary Hair Straightening Tool That Works

And then along came the “Hot Tools” dryer/curler/straightener all-in-one. It really works for me. I can now manage a straight “do” without shelling out the big bucks for a blowout every other day. Now, I tame my mane in less than 30 minutes all-in.

Although I still keep my fingers crossed on the humidity front (hey, who doesn’t?) this product is a monumental find. And, though it sounds simple, it’s actually pretty revolutionary. All my hair “steps” have been reduced to one. After I towel dry my hair, I reach for my hair dryer/straighter by hot tools — and comb through, straighten, and even give a little bounce all in one move.
This product by “Hot Tools” costs about $60 (or the cost of 1-2 blowouts) and is well worth the money. 

Do you have any tips for getting your curly hair to go straight? Please share!


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