How To Pick the Perfect Wine To Pair With Food

Full disclosure: I’m a self-proclaimed “foodie” with an equal passion for great tasting wine.

Wine, when coupled with the right food, can interact, compliment, and truly enhance the entire dining experience.

As a ten year old girl living in Spain, I benefited from an early and unique introduction to the custom of drinking wine. My parents and I would frequent a Spanish family-style restaurant where it was common for children to be included in the entire dining experience. We were often given a tiny glass of Rioja (a dry red table wine) with our meal.

Paella and Rioja table wine is a favorite combo in Spain

When we returned to the United States, of course, my childhood wine appreciation days were over. (For a few years, anyway.)

As an adult, I began hosting dinner parties and followed the basic rule —reds go with red meat, and whites with anything light.”

White wine traditionally goes with lighter fare — but, I’m all about breaking the rules…

But soon I started to realize — food itself could take on an entirely different taste and feel just by pairing it with a particular wine. Suddenly, the wine became just as important as the food itself.

I began studying the backgrounds of different wine regions around the world, learned the significance of the various varietals, and the challenges of wine-making itself.

I hope you enjoy my series on wines and their best pairings. Feel free to login below with ideas of your own!

First up? The beauty of Champagne. It’s not just a special occasion kind of drink. Click here to read my piece.

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