Creative Ways To Celebrate Remotely This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and, even with the vaccine becoming widely available, many of us are still not in the position to travel. This makes celebrating our amazing mothers challenging. Here’s a list of creative ways to remotely honor your mom on May 9th…

⚓️ Virtual Painting Class

If your mom enjoys art, take a look at this virtual painting class from Painting to Gogh. Join her in virtually creating a special piece of artwork together.

⚓️ Food Delivery

What is your mother’s most special local restaurant? Order her favorite meal to be delivered to her doorstep.

⚓️ Cocktail Kit

If your mom has a favorite libation, take a look at Cocktail Courier. Choose from a number of different cocktail kits to ship and have a toast!

⚓️ Create a Slideshow

Gather memorable photos of past special moments. Using apps like “Pic Music,” upload pictures and set them on a rotation to your mother’s favorite song.

⚓️ Write a Letter

It sounds simple but writing your mother a letter is a special way to honor her this Mother’s Day. Capturing special events and moments will make her smile and bring back wonderful memories.

Happy Mother’s Day from Mystical Living!


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