Dressing the Dog: Puppy Plaid

Plaid never seems to go out of style for humans and such is the case for our furry friends as well. I love dressing my pooches, Popeye and Sweet Pea, in plaid jackets for winter. Whether we are talking a walk around our mystical seaside town or hiking up in Vermont and New Hampshire, I get so many compliments on their checkered apparel. 

Here are some of my puppy plaid finds: 

Doggie Jackets

These reversible British-style plaid jackets are perfect for the colder months. They are durable, washable and a great price. Your pup will look stylish and, trust me, get tons of compliments! 

Bow Tie

Our 5 month old puppy, Popeye, is best known for his cuteness and his… bow tie! This was a gift from a friend but you can purchase them on Amazon in an array of colors. Your best friend will look debonair sporting one of these for sure! 

Popeye sporting his bowtie.


For a fun everyday look, tie a plaid bandana on your pup. These plaid scarfs are an incredible deal at $24 for 30! 


This plaid harness mimics the Burberry Plaid version but at a fraction of the price. This harness will allow you to safely walk your dog and show off his or her stylish plaid accessories. 

Collar and Leash 

I love this collar and leash set by Preppie Paws! The colors are beautiful and it’s a steal at $25 for both. 

Have fun dressing your pup! Let me know what plaid accessories you love in the comments below! 


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