Guide To Finding The Perfect Groomer

Anyone who has met our dog, Sweet Pea, knows she is extremely lovable. But, like most Wheaten Terriers, she is complex and can be very challenging… especially when it comes time to getting groomed. We’ve been to several different groomers in the past few years and have learned some things along the way…

I had made up my mind that grooming was never going to be an enjoyable experience for Sweet Pea. After dropping her off at a new groomer last November, I got a call from the owner an hour later. “She’s ready,” he said. Ready? How can that be after only an hour? When we arrived to pick her up we were told she was “too difficult,” there would be no charge and she was not welcomed back. Great… what are we going to do now? I looked at Sweet Pea, with her half-shaved coat and random tufts of hair sticking out, and thought there has to be a perfect groomer for her…

Having a talk with Sweet Pea about why the groomer kicked her out…

Enter Alli Mauro, owner of “Alex’s Fur-ever Friends.” Alli was introduced to me by Mystical Living’s Beauty Expert, and fellow dog-lover, Tracy Lisee. After our first appointment, I asked Alli how Sweet Pea behaved. She said, “she was wonderful!” I wondered if she had the right dog…

Several months later, Sweet Pea is actually happy to visit Alli and I am so relieved she is in great hands.

Alli and Sweet Pea

“Grooming should never be stressful- it should be a fun experience for you and your pet. Patience, kindness, and a custom grooming plan to meet your specific pet’s needs is very important. It can be a hard job sometimes, but it’s worth every furry kiss!” – Alli Mauro 

Grooming shouldn’t be a scary experience. Here’s what to look out for….


Your dog groomer should show signs of patience when it comes to taking care of your pup. If she/he seems very rushed, or there are several dogs in crates waiting their turn, it’s impossible to give yours the careful and calm attention needed. Let’s face it, this could be a scary experience for your animal. The loud noises of dryers, other dogs barking, and the fact that your puppy is away from you, can all create an uncomfortable environment.


If your groomer suggests your dog be sedated for an appointment, that is cause for concern. Sedation medications for animals should only be used in an absolutely necessary situation, where the benefit outweighs the risk. All other measures should be utilized first before thinking of sedating your fur baby. If you’re interested in learning more about the calming benefits of CBD oil, I suggest speaking to your veterinarian. This may be a natural solution but it may not work for all dogs.

⚓️Regular Appointments 

If it’s affordable, having consistent and frequent appointments is a great way to get your pup used to visiting the groomer. That was part of the problem for Sweet Pea- we would sporadically bring her for grooming so her appointment took longer and her grooming was more in-depth. Creating a custom plan with your groomer is a great way to maintain consistency and will help to alleviate your pup’s fears.

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