Safe Products You Absolutely Need For Spring Cleaning

It’s spring! And what does that mean? Yes, warm weather is coming! But it also means it’s time for my favorite part of the year- spring cleaning! I love to clean and I like to use the safest products that I know will get the job done.

Here is a list of my must-have products to get your home in sparkling condition this season…

Mrs. Meyers Cleaners

At Mystical Living, we love animals and we love non-toxic products. That’s why we love the Mrs. Meyers product line. The cleaners are not tested on animals, safe, and made with essential oils.

Others pros:

✅ Comes in several garden-inspired scents

✅ Cruelty-free

✅ Recyclable packaging

Honest Cleaners 

Jessica Alba is a great actress and she also has a wonderful cleaning product company! The Honest cleaning line prides itself on creating safe and reasonably priced products that are non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals.

Other pros:

✅ Comes in range of natural cleaners from baby wipes to detergent

✅ Several different scents

✅ Sanitization without toxic chemicals


With two dogs and a house that’s frequently under construction, my rugs and furniture are always susceptible to stains. The Detrapel Fabric and Stain protectors are amazing! Just spray your desired belongings and the solution creates a barrier to block stains and repel liquids. The spray even works on car upholstery, clothes and shoes too!

Other pros:

✅ The company recently created a disinfectant that kills Covid-19 in 60 seconds and 99.99% of bacteria

✅ Non-toxic

✅ Protector can be strayed on any material

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Having spent his life on boats, one of Chris’s favorite products is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. He uses it to get spots off the white fiberglass and it works like a charm. It has the same effect on our home’s bathtubs, white trim and walls. Scuff marks on our stairs are also gone in an instant- like magic!

Other pros: 

✅ Powerful cleaning with water alone

✅ Microscrubbers remove dirt

✅ Cleans oven doors, light switches, stairs, bathtubs, doors, walls, and more

Method Cleaners

The Method cleaning line is a staple in our household. I love that this company boasts a high standard of ingredients and eco-screening. I feel confident that I’m using nontoxic products that are thoroughly cleaning my home.

Other pros:

✅ Products come in a variety of fragrances

✅ All ingredients are assessed by a third party research agency for health and environmental safety

✅ Comes in a variety of products using green technology formulas

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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