Why Cleaning Makeup Brushes is a MUST

Ok, I’m guilty.

I cannot remember the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes. I will usually throw them out before I would ever think of cleansing them! This is not financially prudent as they are surprisingly expensive and I could certainly extend their lifespan by simply taking a minute to give them a wash.

Let’s face it, we spend tons of money on skincare and makeup so why miss this one simple step? I started researching the proper cleaning options and techniques and I am happy to share with you what I found…

Why clean brushes? 

Over time, bacteria builds up on our cosmetics. The bristles in brushes in particular make for a hospitable place for microorganisms to grow which could potentially cause skin irritation and lead to breakouts. Additionally, a clean brush will lead to a smoother and better application of bronzer, blush, and contouring.

How often should we clean them?

According to the experts, once a week! Given my busy schedule, that is a little too often for me. I find I can get away with twice a month (every other week) and that seems to be an appropriate frequency.

How do you clean them? 

There are a few different ways to cleanse your brushes:

Cleansing shampoos, such as EcoTools makeup cleanser, do a nice job of getting your bristles squeaky clean. Give them a wash with this effective agent and be assured you’re killing germs! It’s a great deal at $12 for two bottles. Con: Drying takes time so this is not the quickest cleaning method.

Cleaning and drying devices like this one by Luxe, are an effective and fast way to rid your brushes of bacteria. At $26, with 3 adjustable speeds, a cleansing solution and built-in dryer, they will look like new in no time! Con: None!

Cleansing gel pads are an economical way to clean your applicators. At less than $5, you can purchase one cheaply and add your favorite cleanser to get the job done. Con: Dry time.

How do you clean your brushes? Please share in the comments!



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