Creating the Perfect Coastal Look for LESS

A year ago my husband and I bought a 160+ year-old historical home on a famed Connecticut river. Ever since we’ve been nonstop in full-on renovation mode. Full disclosure? A historic renovation is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, Chris is amazingly talented with construction…and I’m not so bad myself when it comes to design!

I’ve always prided myself on finding great deals to create a high-quality look for less. With all the renovations we’re doing and all the space we need to fill, this home has proven to be a real bargain-hunting adventure and, I’m so excited to share my finds with you.

The small accent pillow, combined with the nautical gold and navy linen-textured shams helps pull the look together (Courtesy: Cait Wroblewski)

I just finished updating one of our guest bedrooms… (please meet “Popeye.” Our four month old Wheaton Terrier puppy holding court on the bed.) Given that we don’t have a ton of guests these days with coronavirus, he seems to think THIS is his new doggy bed. Good thing I got a great price on the Duvet!

My puppy Popeye Thinks This Bed Is His! (Courtesy: Cait Wroblewski)

I found this duvet–which at some stores like Serena and Lily and Restoration Hardware which I use for inspiration–can run $258 for just the queen size. But it was a fraction of that on Amazon. In fact, I paid less than $50! The sheets could set you back an addition $250 at the higher end alternative stores. Plus–the shams. All in, you’re looking at bedding in the zip code of $700…but, is ALL available for less than $150 if you know how to shop.

One other thing I should mention is that, unlike the expensive alternatives, these sheets are super soft, wrinkle free, and easy to wash. I love them so much, I got them for a bunch of the other rooms. (Stay tuned for that!)

This little decorative pillowalso from Amazon — is covered in pretty blue shells and accents the nautical gold styled shams behind it. The navy linen shams provide a nice accent to the rest of the bed – helping to tie the whole look together.

This coastal-inspired pillow helps bring the whole look together (Courtesy: Cait Wroblewski)

For the wall, I highly recommend searching for nice prints and framing them yourself. We’ve got a lot of wall space to cover, and art can get quite pricey, so this is an economical solution. These prints I also found on Amazon (and, the wood frames as well.)

I bought these prints on Amazon and placed them in wood frames

I’ve got more bargain finds to share with you including my favorite inspirational rooms, home accessories, and some wonderful products that I know you’re going to love as much as me. So stay tuned!


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