Taylor Swift Cleans Up At Grammies

We are big Taylor Swift fans at Mystical Living. Not just because she’s an outstanding performer whom our little nieces and nephews positively idolize, but, because Taylor is also a bit of a local. And when you’re local, we’re automatically on your team.

So, Sunday, was a VERY. BIG. NIGHT.

On background, Swift lives part of her year just across the way in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Chris has actually run into her on occasion at the grocery or the hardware store and he says she’s about as nice and gracious as anyone could be.

Taylor Swift

Needless to say, everyone here at Mystical Living is extremely proud to see Taylor Swift MAKE HISTORY on Sunday evening. Swift has become the first woman to win “album of the year” three times!

Swift won for album “Fokelore” at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards event.

Taylor Swift

And there’s more…. because Swift wasn’t the only woman collecting many honors.

Beyoncé also walked away with a major title and now, with 28 wins, Beyoncé has more Grammy awards than any other female artist in history. For Beyoncé, it was a family night. We loved seeing her husband Jay-z pick up his 23rd Grammy while their daughter, yes — their daughter — Blue Ivy Carter won her first.


In addition, new comer Megan Thee Stallion had a spectacular night collecting three honors, including best new artist. She too made history – becoming the first female artist to win best rap song.

Megan Thee Stallion

The celebration gave off a different vibe this year. It was more low key, more sensitive to  the difficulties we’ve all faced. But, ultimately, it reminded us of the importance of — and the beauty in — art. Music is really the core of who we are and I know we’re moving forward when our most gifted artists keep creating.

We wish all these women and all the recipients well and we thank them for being so dedicated to the creation of new materials over then last year when (let’s face it) even for them it couldn’t have been easy. Inspiration was often hard to find.

The good news is: things are looking up – and our hometown girl (well, almost hometown…just a town or two away) she cleaned up!

Spring is here and I’m about to get Chris going on some of our favorite home improvement projects while he listens to Taylor Swift, of course! (Well, we’ll see… I’ll just remind him that we need to support our community.)

I’ll keep you posted.

Talk soon.


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