Daylight Savings- What You Can Do With the Extra Hour of Evening Sunlight

Have you ever noticed how we seem to have more time in the evening during the spring? That extra hour of sun does wonders to prolong the day! Discover what you can do with an extra hour of sunlight after you shut down work for the evening…

Go for a walk

Walking improves sleep, helps with weight loss, and boosts your mood. So getting outside for a stroll after your work day has many benefits. Try starting with walking a mile and build on that by adding one mile each week to your route.

Make a healthy dinner

At Mystical Living, we love cooking! Try out a new recipe to spruce up dinner time. Take a look at these healthy meals for inspiration.

Grilled chicken salad with arugula, blueberries, peaches, and feta

Write a thank you note

Take some time and write that note you’ve been meaning to send. You can never go wrong with showing written appreciation. To properly write a thank you letter, learn from Joanie! One tip Joanie suggests is having elegant stationary, a nice pen, and stamps on hand to make writing a note more convenient.

Having gorgeous stationary on hand will make writing a note fun! Courtesy: Joanie Joplin

Read a book

If I look at my bookshelf, I have no less than 10 books that I’ve either not finished or I’ve been meaning to start. If it’s a particularly warm evening, grab a book, along with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and head outside to unwind. Check out these best sellers!

If it’s a warm day, read a book outside


Mystical Living is all about discovering healthier ways of living… and that starts with a healthy mind. Meditation comes in many forms and means different things to different people. Whether you meditate by closing your eyes in a stationary position or you go for run or practice yoga, spend at least 30 minutes to focus on mindfulness and relaxation.

Make time for mindfulness

Happy Daylight Savings!


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