The Most Original Valentine’s Day Chocolates EVER

It was about 12 years ago when I stumbled upon the quaint little town of Walpole, New Hampshire. I needed to fill my car with gas and the closest station on my route to Vermont happened to be in the most charming location I had ever seen….

Slowly driving into town, so I could absorb the magnificent scenery, gorgeous homes lined Main Street while mature birch and oak trees carved a colorful path leading me into the town’s center.

And that’s when I first laid eyes on Burdick’s- a French bistro restaurant and a bit of a mirage in this tiny Norman Rockwell town.

Courtesy of The Restaurant at Burdick’s

In the coming years, Burdick’s would become one of my favorite restaurants and I will drive miles out of my way just to visit, taste its decadent dishes and take in its warm and endearing atmosphere. When my husband and I drive to Vermont to go skiing, we will take a detour, and cross over the border into New Hampshire, to enjoy a glass of wine, an appetizer and, of course, the chocolate.

Besides the outstanding food, Burdick’s is best known for its rich chocolate, in particular their signature mouse-shaped chocolates with satin tails. I’ve been known to finish an amazing meal in the restaurant and then wander over to the adjacent chocolate store to buy a plethora of candy, dessert, and cocoa, all with the intention of giving away to others but never actually quite following through with the plan.

Courtesy of Burdick’s Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, and chocolate being a mainstay gift, visit Burdick’s online candy store. The packaging, with its beautiful wood box and ribbons, is as refined as the candy itself. Your loved one will be sure to appreciate this gift as much as I have over the last decade.

Courtesy of The Restaurant at Burdick’s

Walpole, New Hampshire is Burdick’s flagship New England store but other locations include: Boston and Cambridge, MA, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC.

What is your favorite chocolate? Please share with me in the comment section below…


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