Save Hours Getting Ready with this One Simple Tip

If you’re like me, you’re always running late. No matter how early I set my alarm, I never seem to have enough time in the morning. I wake up, let the dogs out, drink coffee, check emails and… my morning is gone, just like that. This makes my “getting ready” routine quite problematic, especially when my makeup is disorganized.

Digging through my bathroom cabinet drawer to find the mascara is frustrating when you’re short on time. I grab the eyeliner. Not it. I pull out an old mascara I’ve been meaning to throw out. Again, not the mascara I need. What would really help is a makeup organizer and, lucky for me (and YOU!) Amazon has a variety of them to help the morning process go more smoothly.

Makeup organizers are a personal choice. For me, I like ones that keep my brushes separate and have compartments to house my lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows and mascaras. I recently purchased this makeup bag and it suits my needs perfectly. It doesn’t take up much space, the price is right and my makeup is easily accessible.

For the traveler, this 4-section hanging bag is a great option. All of your toiletries will be in order along with having the convenience of hanging it on a hook or top of the bathroom door.

If space is not an issue, or you have a lot of makeup, check out this storage case. All of your cosmetics will be organized, visible and ready for use, surely cutting down your time to get ready.

How do you organize your makeup? Please share!


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